"My Name Is Jonas" by Weezer

I wanted this week's song to have some oompf.  I wanted it to help drive us all forward through the week towards our goals. 

I "discovered" Weezer in college and this crisp fall air, open window beside my desk as I work, is reminding me of those days: another desk by another open window, writing papers, instant messaging friends in other dorms, discovering the internet, and listening to The Blue Album over and over on my first ever stereo. 

Weezer was the first band that made me feel like I wanted to rock out myself.  I'd never understood people who wanted to be in a band 'till I heard them but then, I was all air guitar and aggressive foot-tapping. 

The lyrics to this song, although enigmatic, also evoke something about the college experience. At least to me. 

Finally: Weezer just released a new album!  I haven't heard it yet.  Have you?  Do you like it? Let me know!