"A Little Lost" by Arthur Russell/Sufjan Stevens

This past Friday I was cleaning the house.  I ran out of TLDR podcasts so I turned to the All Songs Considered podcast and heard this song which I have been a little obsessed with ever since.  It is so charming and it makes me feel the same kind of good hurt I remember from being a teenager and falling in love for the first time.

(This past Thursday night, I went to see Primary Stages' production of Theresa Rebeck's play Poor Behavior.  This song felt like it belonged in that universe - on some character's iPod, maybe, not part of the play - and that made me like the song and the play both even more.  I very much enjoyed the play, incidentally, and recommend that you see it.)

Anyway, the version above is a cover by Sufjan Stevens and I do really love it so I went and looked up the original by Arthur Russell which I also love.  I really like the cello in the original as well as the sound of Russell's voice which feels a little less placed in a way that I enjoy.  Russell's version doesn't give me that teenaged painful-in-love feeling but it does make me feel like me now feeling in love which is pretty great.  Anyway, I don't especially enjoy the video that was chosen to accompany Russell's version but take a listen and see what you think: