Songs for a New Year

"There Is A Mountain" by Donovan

I went to see a Donovan concert with my ex-boyfriend because when we'd been dating, we'd listened to A LOT of Donovan and we heard about the concert and knew we had to overcome any awkwardness and go together for old times' sake.  Anyway, when Donovan was going to sing this song, he talked about how the whole song is just about how there are obstacles in life and then you get past them one way or another . . . and then there's another obstacle.  It's more fun the way he sings about it but the just-keep-on-keeping-on vibe is really how I'm feeling as we approach a new year.

"All Day" by Girl Talk

We can't help ourselves.  We MUST recommit to exercise every January 1st.  For the past couple months I've been lucky to be working with a great physical therapist who feels more like a personal trainer.  The experience has me more motivated and generally pumped to exercise than I've been in years.  Anyway, I am NOT up to speed on the new tunes (as if I need to tell you that) BUT this epic "song" will get the job done if there's no time to put together a playlist.  Girl Talk gives you one less reason to blow off the work out.

"Andante" by Bobby McFerrin & Yo-Yo Ma

Remember this album.  From 1992?! I got to see Bobby McFerrin perform sometime in the early '00's and it was an unforgettably wonderful experience.  Anyway, I just like this one.  It's pretty, and after all that Girl Talk, your ears need a rest.

Happy New Year!