"This One" by Paul McCartney

February is for Love Songs!

This album - Flowers In The Dirt - came out the day after I turned 13 and was given to me (by explicit request) by a neighbor.  It was a cassette purchased at Tower records.  It was a long time ago.

Probably because this is some of the earliest popular music that I choice for myself - that I owned and listened to repeatedly on my bright yellow sony walkman - it still really resonates with me.  Although, in defense of my 13 year old (and 30-something) self, I think it's a pretty good song.  What McCartney does so well here is say straightforward things in a way that is truthful and powerful; he could veer into schmaltz or cliche but it never happens.  And, c'mon.  Isn't this song kind of the ultimate emotional fantasy?  Whether we imagine the words coming from a past flame or current love, if someone said this to you it'd be pretty amazing, wouldn't it? 

For the record, I'm not particularly on-board with the video.  Also for the record, Paul has always been my favorite Beatle.