"What's Under The House" by Goldspot

Goldspot is a band by this guy Sid I went to High School with. 

We were never friends, like, let's hang out or keep in touch, but we weren't not friends either.  He was just this guy in some of my classes.  But the other thing Sid did, even back in High School, was sing.  We all remember him singing traditional Indian songs during our school's Cultural Diversity week (major credit to my HS for Cultural Diversity week, actually) and him singing popular music as part of the school's Jazz Rock club.  He wasn't a super cool guy; there wasn't really swagger or pretension, he was just really present as a performer and that's such an appealing and winning quality. 

Anyway, seeing him succeed at music on such a large, public scale makes me so happy.  And his success isn't news.  Goldspot has been around for a bunch of years now doing really well.  But this is the nature of the Them Song of the Week: Goldspot came up in the iTunes shuffle a few days ago and this song, in particular, got stuck in my head. 

"Don't make me the panic in this dream . . ."