"Turn The World Around" by Harry Belafonte

I love this song.  I'd forgotten how much 'till I went down a little Muppet Show rabbit hole with my son and remembered that the Harry Belafonte episode is THE BEST episode of the Muppet Show ever.  I used to work at the Museum of TV & Radio so please keep in mind that my opinion on this subject is at least semi-professional.

I was, in fact, reticent to post the Muppet version up top - I thought maybe I'd find a more grown up version and then drop the Muppet one below, but after watching/listening to a bunch of the options on YouTube, the Muppet one is far and away my favorite so . . . there you go.

I find this song, and this version especially, surprisingly moving - it puts a lump in my throat just about every time. 

Related Pro-tip: make yourself a Harry Belafonte or a Jump In The Line Pandora station.  Good times.