Acting since the age of four.  Writing since 2006.  Sometimes these forces combine and I find myself doing work that doesn't neatly fit into either category.  

Most recently, my collaborator Kevin R. Free and I received a grant to create and screen a series of short, satyrical videos about the complicated, often problematic role white women have historically played in relationship to people of color.  

You can learn more about my collaboration with Kevin at

I've also done some directing; here are the highlights:

(Not) Just A Day Like Any Other.
Written and performed by myself, Jeffrey Cranor, Christopher Borg and Kevin R. Free.
2008, The Red Room, NYC.
(Winner, NYIT Award for Outstanding Ensemble)

What The Time Traveler Will Tell Us.  
Written By Jefrey Cranor & Joseph Fink.
2011, The Incubator Arts Project, NYC.


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