Why? Because WRITING IS MAGIC!  You scrunch up your brain and - bam! - there's an idea! Write it down. Keep going. It's not perfect? No problem: editing is pretty fun too!

I didn't really begin to identify as a writer 'till 2006/7 - my first year as a New York Neo-Futurist.  Over five years of active involvement with the Neos I wrote hundreds of short plays for the company's signature show Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind.  With the company I also had the opportunity to co-conceive and co-write three full-length plays (Not) Just A Day Like Any Other (2009 NYIT Award), Laika Dog In Space and You Are In An Open Field

I stepped back from the Neos coincident with giving birth to my son - late-night theater and small children don't really mix - and turned my attention to screenwriting.  I co-created the award-winning comedy webseries Gemma & The Bear! and, through that show's inclusion in the 2016 New York Television Festival, had the opportunity to conceive and pitch new shows.  Next thing I knew I'd written an hour-long sci-fi pilot and I was I LOVE with writing for television. 

Currently I'm developing TV concepts to pitch and working on short and full-length screenplays.  

I have had plays published in 225 Plays and What It Means To Be A Grownup.

I am proud to be listed at doollee.com

Here's what currently passes for my Writing Resume.  

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