I found out I was funny!  At my call-back for the New York Neo-Futurists, I performed a short dramatic solo piece I'd written about the deep shame I felt eating certain foods in public . . . to uproarious laughter.  "I didn't know that was funny" I said sheepishly when I was done.  "Oh, you're funny, Eevin" said Managing Director (and now very good friend) Rob Neill from the back of the room.  And in that moment I went "oh yeah. I am funny," and never looked back.  

I can't remember a time that I wasn't an actor.  I started acting before I started Kindergarten.  (In the grand tradition of nepotism in show biz, my grandfather got me my first job as an extra on As The World Turns).  I LOVED being a child actor and I had some amazing experiences (playing Helen Keller opposite Karen Allen in the Roundabout's production of The Miracle Worker is top of the list), but as I worked with the Neo-Futurists - rigorously writing, producing, directing and performing countless short plays and three full-length productions - I had the opportunity to develop my own artistic point of view and to experience a much greater sense of agency in my work.  It’s that sense of agency and point of view that I’ve since been working to bring back into my acting.  As a kid, I was looking to please others; as an adult I’m interested in bringing more to the table than my ability to hit a mark and take direction well (but I'll bring those too!).

These days I mostly pursue on-camera and VO work, thought I love the stage and would happily be lured back by the right project. 

I'm a mom. I live in Manhattan.  My husband plays the accordion.  We have two dogs (Fanny Brice & Blinky Palermo) and a cat (Nell Carter). 

What else do you want to know? Let's talk!