Blogger Appreciation Month Week 1 - Gretchen Rubin: an introduction

Gretchen Rubin is the author of many books but I first learned about her in the context of her book The Happiness Project. Since the publication of that book (which, last I checked, had enjoyed over 100 weeks on the NY Times Bestseller List) she has also written Happiness at Home. I encourage you to visit her website where you can learn about her books and read her excellent blog. What do I love about Gretchen Rubin's blogging? I love how deliberate she is. There's a sort of square quality about her approach that I happen to enjoy on its own and which goes against this assumption I have that all blogs are supposed to seem breezy - the writing equivalent of the celebrity in the airport who is styled to look unstyled: perfectly imperfect. By contrast, Ms. Rubin's blog is unabashedly specific and thoughtful. She is carefully groomed both literally - in her weekly videos - and figuratively in all of her posts and seemingly not afraid to show that she's taken care and made some effort. Moreover, she shares research and pet philosophies as well as tips and favorite books - apparently all with a rigorous plan and on schedule; her interests and formats vary fairly widely but she manages to make them all cohere.  What she has to say doesn't always resonate with me, but I'm always interested to have read it.

Here are a few representative (and favorite) posts to get you started:

Do You Agree That These "Patterns" Make Places Beautiful and Comfortable?

Don't Assume That Everything Is So Different These Days.

5 Mistakes I Continue To Make In My Marriage.

Make People Happier By Acknowledging That They're Not Feeling Happy.

If you visit The Happiness Project Blog (please do!) and find a post that YOU love, link to it below in the comments!