Classics are classic for a reason

It's been longer between blog posts than I would've preferred owing, primarily, to the following three things:

  1. I'm performing in Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind through this weekend (Oct 29 & 30)
  2. The New York Neo-Futurists are having a benefit on November 8 and I am at the top of the planning pyramid.  Please come, by the way.  It would mean a lot to me.
  3. The Neo-Futurists also have a full-length show running right now called (un)afraid.  I'm not working on it directly, but as an ensemble member part of my job is to help support the show by seeing it and selling it.  It's very strong and interestingly both the same as and different from the, perhaps more-familiar, Too Much Light fare . . . check it out if you have time.  If you let me know when you're going, I'll probably be your date.  Unless you don't want that.

Life is great but I'm feeling a bit frayed and fatigued of late with all of the above plus the independent and serious pursuit of a regular acting career (submissions, auditions, gym) so when these videos came across my computer as I was enjoying my breakfast, they were just what I needed.  I'd rather think of these as "the new vaudeville" than the burlesque* and side/variety-show type acts I've seen carrying that moniker.  I also think these videos are a nice reminder that, while bells and whistles are great, an absence of bells and whistles can be just as effective, entertaining and, certainly, funny.  Enjoy.


*It should be noted that Eliza Skinner blogged my feelings about burlesque before I even had a blog.  If you don't read hers, you should.