I was meant for . . .

. . . the stage. (You know that song, right? If you don't, you should. It's posted below) Yes, Friends.  I'm in a play!  My character is an Irish lady who's killed in the Easter Uprising.  In the play, my brother and sister are in Mexico having fled from Ireland in the aftermath of the Easter Uprising.  I appear in flash-backs and as a ghost (woooooo!!).  Also I play the violin which is something I'd not done since the mid '90's and something I've never done on stage: exciting!  Here are the details:

Dia De Los Muertos July 13 - 31 Teatro LATEA At the CSV Cultural and Educational Center 107 Suffolk St New York New York 10002 http://teatrolatea.com/ (follow this link for a synopsis and tickets)

And here, as promised, The Decemberists sing "I Was Meant For The Stage"

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvmyNv6n55A&w=425&h=349]