But what I really want to do . . .

is act. Ha. You thought I was going to say "direct," didn't you?  Well, although acting is my first love, lately I've been having a great time directing and I am very excited to tell you that this Summer I am making my directorial debut with:

What The Time Traveler Will Tell Us August 4 - 13 Incubator Arts Project St. Mark's Church in-the-Bowery 131 East 10th Street (at 2nd Avenue) New York, NY 10003 http://www.incubatorarts.org/index.html

I describe this play as a one-man-show performed by two guys; as Mike Daisey-meets-early-Will-Eno. About time travel.

The writers describe it as "among other things, a live demonstration of time travel. It is the story of a man who breaks through the barrier between universes on a futile mission to cheat death, and of a woman whose reality is fractured by sudden awareness of an event that never happened. It is also the story of a loving grandfather who we might be remembering wrong, two murders (only one of which actually occurred), and, of course, toast."

Toast is delicious.  If you're in NYC, I really hope you'll come see what we've made - I think you'll like it.