Having It All

I was pointed to this essay, What My Son's Disabilities Taught Me About 'Having It All,' by a blog that I read (Mighty Girl). It's worth the read. I read the article in the Atlantic (like everyone else) and, since having my son (in truth, to some extent, before I even became pregnant) I have been as concerned as the next lady about work/life balance. For most of my life, Acting was the number one most important thing to me, my biggest passion and priority. Now it's number two, snuggled close up behind the new number one: my family.

I don't mean to brag, but I have the most wonderful baby. And it isn't really bragging because, honestly, he just showed up like that. Beyond taking my pre-natal vitamins and staying away from the obvious hazards, I swear I had nothing to do with it. He doesn't even really look like me. Since having him, I have felt more capable and ready to succeed as an actor than ever before for reasons that relate entirely to what the author of this essay is saying. I appreciate how great my life is, how lucky I am, and while I still hope to "have it all" - a family and a successful career as a working actor - and I fret regularly about whether I'm doing what I need to get myself there, not being there yet doesn't get me down the way it used to.

Teach, baby!