Quick Crafty Roundup

So I attended the Bust Craftacular earlier this month.  Because this year I went with a baby strapped to me, I spent less time lingering over the various wares than in years past, but I can assure you that the event - and the crafting community - is thriving and bursting with festivity.

With the $3 price of admission, I was given a gift-bag which was full of a lot of surprisingly awesome stuff!  We got:

Additionally, I stumbled across the following compelling vendors:

  • General Assembly - funny & cute t-shirts. I could probably have found the perfect shirt for almost everyone I know at this one table.
  • Two Arms - affordable and attractive prints and printed products.
  • The Chocolate Swirl - I just got some of their bark as a treat for my husband. It was delish!
  • Bicycle Paintings - Paintings, yes, but also great t-shirts.  Really attractive stuff.

Happy Holiday Shopping!