Recommended: "High Maintenance"

"High Maintenance" is a web series about a pot dealer. It has just begun its second cycle and I stumbled onto it because Michael Cyril Creighton (fellow New York Neo-Futurist alumni and super star of his own web series Jack In A Box), Max Jenkins (fellow Committed Impulse classmate) and Katja Bichfeld (30 Rock casting director who I once met in an Actors Connection workshop she was teaching and thought was SUPER cool) are all involved. Katja is a Co-creater and Executive Producer and Michael and Max star in separate (but equally wonderful) episodes. You know it's good because I'm such an anti-drug nerd that the pot-smoking-neighbor episode of Louie made me wildly uncomfortable and yet I'm energetically recommending that you check "High Maintenance" out. It did not make me uncomfortable; it delighted me.

Here is the "High Maintenance" website.

Click HERE to see Michael Cyril Crighton's episode, "Helen" and Max Jenkin's episode, "Olivia" (and the rest of the episodes as well).