Business Idea

Here's what I want:It's a service like Style For Hire except it's about housekeeping.

So where, with Style For Hire, a Stacy London-approved stylist comes and works with you to style the clothing you've already got (and maybe do some strategic additional shopping), with my idea a (let's just say) Martha Stewart-approved housekeeping maven would come to your house and help you figure out the best way to keep your house clean - the order in which to clean things, tools and techniques for getting things done efficiently, etc. Maybe this person would also help me set up a calendar of home maintenance tasks - bigger things that don't need to happen every week.

I clean my apartment once a week and it takes me about two hours which, I think, is a reasonable amount of time. But I also know there are things I could do better (like floor mopping) and things I really don't know how - or how often - to do at all (like taking care of the wainscoting). A service like the one I've imagined feels like a great way to clean better and more efficiently without resorting to hiring a cleaning person.

So, universe, get on that, please.