The Science Guy

Today I read this NY Times article about Bill Nye and a speech he recently gave at Iowa State University.  Here's one of my favorite quotes from the article:

Kaci McCleary, an “aspiring neurobiologist, or neuro-something,” said that Mr. Nye was “a very inspiring person in the field of science — he tells people to make science part of their lives, even if it’s not their career.” Ms. McCleary, who knitted as she waited to be let in, said a friend had joked to her, “I hope to be able to touch the hem of his lab coat, so he could cure me of my stupid.”

I got really jealous of those Iowa state kids because I LOVE Bill Nye.  In particular I love that he speaks his truth (which, because he's a scientist, often happens to be THE truth) calmly in the face of angry, shouting politicians (among others) and, while I'm sure he's cynical about things in life, he comes across as a basically uncynical person.

That's all.

Here's an episode of his TV show (of which I was a HUGE fan growing up) which, for whatever reason, I happen to particularly remember: [youtube=]