Blogger Appreciation Month Week 1 - Gretchen Rubin: Telling A Story

This month I'm appreciating a handful of bloggers I love and admire and I'm beginning with Gretchen Rubin who writes The Happiness Project blog (among many other things). One of the things Ms. Rubin does on her blog is each week she posts a video.  In each video she tells a story because, in her words, "I’ve realized that for me, and I think for many people, a story is what holds my attention and makes a point most powerfully."  In homage to this device, which I very much enjoy, here's my story:

As it happens, it was the impulse to share this story a la Ms. Rubin that inspired this whole month of appreciation and homage.  Here is one of her recent videos so that you can see the master at work.

I'd also like to say how, having made my own video, I appreciate all the more the effort that goes into these story videos especially because you can tell that, unlike me, Ms. Rubin is not just using the built-in camera on her computer.  She sits in a nice environment, she's nicely lit, made up and coiffed . . . all this and more is why I'm appreciating her here this week.