Blogger Appreciation Month Week 3 - Joanna Goddard: An Introduction

This month I’m appreciating a handful of bloggers I love and admire. This week, I'm looking at Joanna Goddard who writes A Cup Of Jo.
20130715-155911.jpg Ms. Goddard is a delightful blogger and I always look forward to seeing her posts come up in my reader. What are the things that I love about A Cup Of Jo? I'm glad you asked.

    - The excellent use of images in every post. They add energy and, in longer posts, I feel they really compliment the sense of pacing in the writing.

    - The writing style. Ms. Goddard writes in a way that, to me, feels honest and open and very specifically personal to her and her experience. The result is her repeated ability to touch on not-so-easy topics in a way that's meaningful and graceful.

    - The kiddo posts - from advice to recommendations to super-cute stories about her son* - her blogs about parenting are always great. (I love this one.)

    - The recommendations - Recipes! Gear! Gift Guides! Outings! Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes! If she's recommending it, chances are pretty good I'm putting it on some Pinterest board for later.

    - The Friday link-a-paloozas! These are like blog-candy: every Friday, Ms. Goddard posts a bunch of links to all kinds of awesome and interesting stuff around the web. Sometimes I save this post in my feed 'till I really have time to explore all the links - it's such a treat!

This Friday I'm going to try to post my own super-link-fest here. If you have a favorite internet thing, post it in the comments! Maybe it'll make the list.

*Ms. Goddard recently gave birth to a baby boy! Congratulations to her and her whole family!!