Blogger Appreciation Month Week 4 - Joanna Goddard Continued: Linkapalooza!

This month I’m appreciating a handful of bloggers I love and admire. This week, I'm looking at Joanna Goddard who writes A Cup Of Jo.  (With apologies, last week events conspired against my posting my last two posts about Ms. Goddard which is why (you may notice) she's in weeks 3 and 4.) One of my favorite things every week is the Cup Of Joe Friday e-mail with a little blurb about what Ms. Goddard and her family are up to for the weekend and then a bunch of great links to fun and interesting stuff all over the web.  Here is last Friday's to give you a taste.  I'll often save these Friday posts 'till I have the time to click every single link.  I have my browser set up to make new tabs every time I click a link so I'll have this huge lineup of tabs and then I'll work my way through - it's like eating dessert on the internet.  Anyway, I can't hold a candle to the Cup of Jo roundups, but here are some of my favorite links for your clicking pleasure, nonetheless:

This and this are two of my favorite youtube videos of all time (note that both are educational!)

The recent Royal Baby Watch reminded me of this gem

And, speaking of, here is an excellent chart about Royal Succession

The man who turned dog walking into a business recently died

If you didn't see it, I encourage you to watch the President's remarks about Trayvon Martin

My friends Jeffrey and Joseph have a podcast that is wildly successful! (maybe you would like it too?!)

Little People street art

This new service prints you a backup key if you accidentally get locked out of your apartment! (would you use this?)

Lately I really want to make these, these and these (if only my 1 year old felt the same!)