Louie broke TV

Chances are that you're aware of Louie C.K's TV show, Louie.  I think it's great. I came to the show late via Netflix and had, slowly but surely, with pleasure but not in a hurry, worked my way through all of the available episodes. So I was excited to start watching season three when it became available. My TV watching habits are this: I generally watch half an hour of television at 9:30 each week-day night with my husband (if we're both home) and maybe we watch an hour of TV (or a movie if we have time) on the weekend. We have a 22 month old child; watching TV is quasi-luxurious along the lines of eating a box of fancy chocolate (which we also do, but which is another post).

Anyway, in this context, we began watching season three and sometime about a week ago we got to Season 3, Episode 6: Barney/Never. Oh. My. God. Amazing. The only reason I can't go all the way and say that this is the best single episode of TV I've ever seen, is that it's tied with the Harry Belafonte episode of the Muppet Show. But I truly don't think any episode of TV is better - tied, maybe, but not better. I don't want to give all the good stuff away but: Robin Williams, strip club, bowls of meat, Louie doing an interview on drive-time radio, excessively "progressive" parenting and so much more. I can not stop thinking about the Barney/Never episode and the more I think about it, the more genius things I discover in it. This episode totally raises the TV-bar - like, now because I know how good TV can be, I'll enjoy all of the other TV 20% less.

Do us all a favor and watch it next time you have half an hour available for TV. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Here it is on Amazon but I'm sure you can find it on your favorite online-tv-viewing platform.

P.S. How about Louie in American Hustle?! I thought he rocked it. And have you seen him on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee? I feel like he and Seinfeld have a weird rapport, but it's still a great one to watch.