Duh, you guys.

I shouldn't need to tell you, but I nevertheless feel negligent not having already encouraged (nay, demanded!) you to go see Wil Eno's The Open House at Signature Theater. If you haven't seen Wil Eno's work, you are seriously missing out. I truly think his writing is nearly perfect all the time*. He does an amazing job of creating characters and stories that are simultaneously universal and nuanced. His writing is so precise. The Open House is about being part of a family and, in particular, a family with aging parents. In the NY Times, Isherwood quibbled with some of Eno's choices but I respectfully disagree. I think what he's created is pretty spot-on and pitch-perfect; not always comfortable but absolutely insightful in the way that I think the best theater tends to be. And it's funny! And it's closing at the end of March, so go already!

While we're at it, you should also not miss David Henry Hwang's Kung Fu, also at Signature. This show already feels like it should be on Broadway - so polished and tight and compelling and just really GOOD - you'll save yourself some money and be an extra-cool kid if you go see it now.

If you've seen The Open House or Kung Fu, let me know what you think in the comments below and/or tell me what's your current must-see theater?

*I actually think his writing is TOTALLY perfect but I'm afraid if I'm too enthusiastic, you'll find my recommendation less credible and I really want more people in the world (ALL the people in the world?!) to go see Wil Eno plays.