Edgy Easter

baby-bunny It's a bit self-congratulatory, which is totally NOT how I mean it, but I can't help loving this audio from an Easter-themed play I wrote for Too Much Light back in 2007.  My husband helped me make the mash-up (which I could hear in my mind but couldn't execute without his expertise) and also did the VO.  I hear it from time to time in the shuffle of my iTunes and I'm always tickled.

[audio https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/107045296/He%20Is%20Risen.mp3 ]

(If you're curious, the visual featured Jeffrey Cranor as Jesus, frozen in an iconic pose of blessing, who is beset by two creepy rabbit figures who remove his Jesus costume and re-dress him as an Easter bunny like one of them and then exit. Hold on creepy blessing-pose-bunny-man.)