I'm Coming Out!

Ya know.  Like the Diana Ross song:

(I won't be wearing that outfit though . . .)

I LOT has happened in the last three years: I moved, had a baby, lost my mom.  I've kept as busy as I could with acting and writing: there were plays, short films, an audio-book, and there's a forthcoming webseries (more on that in the coming weeks).  Suffice it to say: I've really been in the thick of life.  But, except for here and there in this blog, I've kept most of what I've been up to to myself.  It feels like it's time to reconnect with the world - with you! And so I'm coming out!

To begin, I've launched a brand new website!  I'm so excited to have a site that, I think, feels like me.  I'm even more excited that it will function both as a place for news about my career AND as a hub for all of the content I've been creating.  You know about this blog but did you now that I tweet?  Do you know that I post a Theme Song of the Week on a separate blog?  Would you like to see what I'm instagraming? How about my posts on Medium?  It's all collected on one page - your own personal Eevin-zine.

I'm also going to be reaching out with weekly e-mails.  They'll let you know what's newsworthy in my professional (and maybe sometimes my personal) life but they'll also include great content I've curated from my amazingly talented friends and the internet-at-large.  You can opt in by clicking the button at the bottom of any page of the new website!

What I really hope is to be able to communicate and collaborate with you - to help make what I'm writing and creating more meaningful to you and to myself.  So I invite you to subscribe to my updates, bookmark the blogs page of my website, follow me on the social media platform of your choice - whatever suits you best - and then to be in touch with your thoughts along the way.

I appreciate you deeply just for being here reading these words right now.  I'm so excited to share this next leg of my journey with you.