Required Viewing for White People

Are you white?  As per my personal action plan, I want to talk to you, white person, about issues of race and racism in our society in the hopes that we can all do a better job of being not-racist, even by accident (aka "racially biased.") 

I found this video really moving.  Take a look and then think about the discussion questions below:

  1. How did this video make you feel?
  2. What rules do you regularly follow to get home safely?
  3. If you were stopped by the police, how do you think you would feel?  How successful would you be at remembering and following all ten of these rules?
  4. To whom do you think the makers of this video are speaking?  How do you think the way the intended audience of this video sees and/or navigates the world might be different from you?  How might it be the same?
  5. Why do you think the woman in the video starts to cry? 
  6. What questions do you have for the people who made this video?  How do you think you could find the answers to those questions on your own?

Here's another video.  I saw this one back in mid-December and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.

  1. What do you notice about how this man does and/or doesn't follow the Ten Rules for Getting Home Safely outlined in the first video?
  2. How do you think this man feels while interacting with the police?  How can you tell?
  3. How does the man change during the course of the video?  What do you think he's thinking when he is first approached by the police?  What do you think he's thinking at the end of the video?
  4. I find the sound of his voice particularly haunting; what do you notice about his voice?  What do you think you'll remember most from this video?

I'd love it if you wanted to post any or all of your answers in the comments or if you would share any other thoughts you have about or prompted by the video.