Have you watched Monica Lewinsky's TED talk  yet?  

All within a few days, I heard about the talk, read this article in the NY Times and, in the course of cleaning out my family home, found this old clipping, randomly, in the piano bench:

It's Monica 1.0.  It came out during the time period she recalls during her TED talk when she was being publicly shamed not just on TV, Radio and in Newspapers, but on the brand-new, and rapidly expanding internet.  But the poem doesn't feel particularly dated if we swap out he protagonist, and I'd say that's one of Lewinsky's main points in her talk: public shame is at a premium these days as a form of entertainment and we are all increasingly in the habit of passing judgement as casually as we might pass the time of day.  

Worth a watch, I'd say, if you've got 20 minutes.  And if you do watch, let me know what you think in the comments.