Cute thing

"I'm staying on your back 'till you're a movie star!!!" is what the boy shouted in my ear after he'd launched himself onto my back and was clinging there like a deranged koala. 


I have some deranged koala impulses myself so in the first instance I was amused.  I thought it was cute.  I posted the photo and quote on Facebook . . . as you do.

But "movie star?" The idea that I would want to be one? Should be one? Where did that come from?  We don't talk about those things . . . I don't think.  It was weird. 

Part of me wondered if he'd outed some deep secret I've been keeping even from myself . . . but I think it's right to resist the impulse to read too much into this sort of thing.  He's seen Gemma & The Bear, seen videos of me on YouTube just like Elmo . . . maybe "movie star" came from a book or a friend . . . ?  Kind of amazing what a three year old can synthesize. 

Whether he understands it or not, I appreciate his impassioned support.  I'm sure I'll spend plenty of time on his back (maybe just figuratively) supporting his dreams and passions in the years to come.