Are you in a bubble? (Take this quiz!)

Typical; not proud of it.

Typical; not proud of it.

I took this fascinating quiz that asks the question "Do You Live In A Bubble."  It's from PBS News Hour, not Buzzfeed; it's for real.  It doesn't take too long and at the end you get a score that describes how "thick" your bubble is. 

I scored a 2.  My bubble is thick.  No surprise there.  What I found interesting were the questions they asked to try to get to the heart of the matter.  What I wish is that there was some more actionable next step. 

I didn't need the quiz to know I'm in a bubble.  As a bubble-dweller, I try to be self-aware and keep myself open to hearing (and believing) other people when they tell me about their experiences, especially when they differ from mine.  I'm not sure this quiz does anything to answer the question of how to build empathy and understanding with people in other bubbles.  Awareness is certainly a good first step.

If you take the quiz, let me know what you think . . . and your score!