Go get it: Salux!

I can take no credit.  I read about Salux wash cloths recently on Into The Gloss.  You can too.

But you don't need to if you'll just take my word for it.  Get one.  Spend the $6.  You will not regret it.

I have gone from a lifetime of shower ambivalence (necessary for basic hygiene but awfully wet and then cold) to an experience of SHOWER DELIGHT.  Plus my skin is softer and smoother.

*mic drop*

Review: Mahabis

Fanny & my Mahabis

Fanny & my Mahabis

You might remember when I got VERY excited about these magical transforming slipper-shoes.  Well, my delightful husband ordered me a pair!  I got them last spring but they are VERY WARM so it wasn't long before it was too hot to keep wearing them, but I've been wearing them again this fall and feel like I've now had enough experience to let you know what's up.

Here's what's good: They are, as I said, TOASTY.  They are also very cozy (lined with fuzzy shearling-like material), and super-comfy.  The bottoms (my husband ordered me all five colors?!) are really cute and, overall, the product that came in the mail (in lovely and well-considered packaging, very much in the vein of an apple product) matches the product you can see on the Mahabis website.


Here's what's not so good: Mine are too big (read: I think they might run big).  And Mahabis doesn't offer international returns.  When I reached out to them (because these are pricey slippers) they were almost willing to make a size exchange for me anyway, but I was outside of their 14-day regular returns window so they said no.  Boo.  Non-returnability (or at least exchangeability) is a deal-breaker for me and, imho, 14 days is no time at all.  Fortunately, they're only too big in a way that makes my feet look stupid, not in a way that really precludes my wearing them, so they aren't going to waste.

Not a fan of the way the sole gaps away from the main shoe/slipper body.

Not a fan of the way the sole gaps away from the main shoe/slipper body.

The most important thing to understand about Mahabis, though, is that they're SLIPPERS.  They are NOT Magical Transforming Slipper Shoes.  Instead, they're slippers that let you walk in both dirty places and clean places without tracking the dirt around.  So they're great for a quick trip down to the basement of my building or a walk down the hallway to give something to a neighbor.  If I lived in the suburbs, they'd be ideal for those times I needed to go out into the driveway to pick up a newspaper or deliver my kid to a school bus.  They are not, as I had hoped they would be, appropriate for running errands to the grocery store three blocks away.

Bottom line: I don't think they were right for me, but I think they're a good (though not a great) product.  I wish the company would improve its returns policy because that's something I care about.  Mahabis would make a really cool gift (maybe for your fancy friend with a country house or your cool mom who keeps chickens in her back yard?), although I'm not sure anyone needs the array of sole colors that I have.  Okay, maybe a teenage girl, but no one else.  

A more recent and extremely satisfactory purchase, for me, were these shearling-lined sneakers.  They do exactly what I want: keep my feet warm and cozy, sans socks, for trips around my 'hood.  If I want to keep my house clean, when I get home, I can slip them off and slip into my Mahabis. ;)

What do you think?  Do you have Mahabis?  Would you try them?  


On our way . . .

On our way . . .

Every morning the goal is to hustle the kiddo out the door by 8:00 AM so we have plenty of time to travel the 18 blocks to school in time for the 8:30 start.  As you might expect, we don't always meet our leave-the-house goal and, with a tighter time frame we are faced with the age old question: bus or subway?  

Transit knows the answer.  

Transit is an app another mom told me about.  You open it up and it gives you time estimates for all of the subway and bus lines near where you are.  You can tap on any of the options and see the schedule for the next several busses or trains on that line.  It's brilliant.  Three minutes 'till the bus? We can make it!  Twelve minutes 'till the next bus?  Let's head to the train.  

And it's not just for New York!  Click here for a list of other regions Transit covers.

Did I mention it's free?  

You're welcome.  xo

Calico Easter Eggs

For Christmas, Santa brought my son a doll house.  It was the only thing he wanted. 

The doll house was very popular right around Christmas, then it had a long-ish break with intermitent play, but lately it's been getting a lot more attention again.  These days, though, my son is NOT into having the doll house in any kind of order.  In fact, he used the word "ransacked" to describe how it looked which was accurate.  Why he wants his poor Koala family to live like that is beyond me, but it prompted me go get a little bin to put the tiny accessories in so they don't get vaccummed up during this disarray phase.  And looking at all of the delightful little doll house things, reminded me of this amazing Easter Egg the makers hid in the newspapers that came with the living room furniture.

There are two newspapers.  Sunday, April 1 and Monday, April 2.  Here they are:

I mean, come on.  He discovered a treasure!  But then: he was so disappointed because "Treasure was just a broken box!"  I find this endlessly hilarious.  And I want to thank whoever behind the scenes at Epoch or Tomy designed these amazing tiny newspapers.