I'm OBSESSED (slipper shoes?!)

I am OBSESSED with this product.  I've had it open in a tab of my browser for a full week. 

They're called mahabis and they're slippers with soles that you can clip on to turn them into shoes that you can wear outdoors!!  It's, like, the perfect thing for every apartment-dweller who's trying to keep street dirt out of her home.  Also perfect for nerds like me who can't get enough of transformer clothing (I once had a fully inside-out-reversible skirt from J. Crew. It was amazing. And never mind those knit dresses that you can wear a zillion ways . . .).  Plus, you get to pick your favorite base + sole color combo - they have blue and pink and yellow . . . how can you not want to collect them all?!

What do you think?  Would you buy these?

To be frank, the only reason I haven't yet is the price tag.  I fell in love with these while I was looking at the price in euros (but without doing the conversion) and when I clicked over to US dollars I got sticker shock.  Still, they seem pretty great . . .

Comments! Leave comments! What would you do? What should I do?