Oven Bacon.


I didn't invent this.  New York Magazine turned me on to cooking bacon in the oven way back in 2008.  I still have the page I ripped out of the issue to save so that I would never forget how to make the best bacon ever.

Pause: I'm not a bacon person.  I really don't care a whole lot about bacon.  I'm married to a vegetarian.  But sometimes, I make some bacon.  For brunch guests.  For bacon and tomato sandwiches.  For my son (who really does love bacon). 

Related: before this oven-cooking technique I was a regular failure at bacon cooking, constantly overcooking the bacon and, also, just finding the whole process unnecessarily messy and stressful. 

Which brings us back to: cook your bacon in the oven!  New York Magazine just says to do it on a baking sheet but I would like to recommend my own twist: put the bacon on a rack on the baking sheet.  I find this lets the extra rubbery fat drip off leaving bacon crisp without having to over-cook it.  (I strongly prefer crispy bacon and I think the rack helps achieve that.  If you're a fan of softer bacon, I'd just try it right in the baking sheet first.)

Bonus: I find I can cook the entire package of bacon in the oven and wrap up whatever we don't eat in plastic wrap or a plastic zipper bag and then I just pop it into a very low oven (170 is the lowest my oven will go) to warm it up while I'm preparing whatever I want to serve with it.  Super convenient.  Still delish.

Extra Bonus: I find that cooking bacon this way lets you concentrate just on the eggs of french toast or pancakes you're cooking ensuring a less-stressful kitchen experience and a better result overall.

You're welcome!