Go see . . .

This week I saw TWO great shows:

1. Big Love by Charles Mee at The Signature Theater.  I think Signature does an outstanding job, Charles Mee's plays have always been some of my favorites, and this production is superlative.  This play manages to be serious and funny, deep and feel-good.  Tina Landau's direction is mind-bogglingly good.

2. The Human Symphony created and directed by Dylan Marron.  This is the latest full-length/main-stage offering from The New York Neo-Futurists.  Clever, Engaging, informative and charming.  This show is a beautiful use and example of the Neo-Futurist aesthetic; it also manages to be truly experimental without evoking any of the negative connotations that the term "experimental theater" can sometimes conjure.  It only runs 'till February 14th so hurry up with this one!

It is worth mentioning that both plays have extremely affordable tickets and that they actually, as it happens, make a nice pair.  (Clicking the links above will take you to info and tickets for each show)

Leave a comment if you've seen one of them (or if you go) and tell us all what you think!