Rambling back . . .

It all started with the interview for the really cool job that I very-nearly-but-then-didn't get.  I was asked if I blog.  I do, I told them, but not much.  I explained that there are *so many* blogs out there, I feel some sense of obligation to *contribute* something if I'm going to blog.  I'd like my blog to be a value-add, not just more of the same.  

It's a tall order, especially when the blogosphere seems already saturated with every possible blog-type, blog-entry, blog-opinion under the sun. 

It occurred to me that maybe I need to lower the bar a bit for what it means to "contribute" or "add value."

I remembered the thing (is it John Cage's thing?) about how you can't create and judge your creation at the same time.

I thought about the blogs that I enjoy reading, mostly written by ladies not unlike myself, and considered that what I enjoy are the writers' voices and then fun little things they bring to me - ideas, photos, gadgets, goofy websites.  And I remembered that a decision to blog is not a decision to rise to blog-fame and meet their levels of blog-success.

I thought about how, to act, I need someone else's permission or stamp of approval: I need to be auditioned and cast.  But to write, I need only write. 

I looked around and noticed that my life is mine to make, shape, create.  I noticed that I'm privileged to have a computer, a home, electricity, enough food and free time to be able to blog.

I realized that my baby has been napping for a while now so maybe I'd better hop to it before he wakes up and I miss my chance.

And I noticed how good it feels to say what I have to say - however big or small or serious or silly - instead of keeping it to myself.

I'm not a fan of "oh I've been away from my blog so long, I promise to write more regularly."  That's not what this is.  This is more of an out loud hope to myself that I make more use of this space for my own pleasure and benefit.