I am excited about composting! More specifically, I am excited that NYC is currently involved in a pilot program to recycle food scraps which, it's projected, may become city-wide (and mandatory) sometime in 2015 or 2016.

We've known about the value and importance of recycling for ages: so-called "modern" recycling was introduced to NYC in 1970! It has been frustrating that recycling hasn't been fully supported by infrastructure - however much we may want to recycle, if our city or town doesn't have a recycling program or allow us to recycle certain things, it's hard to do much about it.

The recent expansion of the recycling program to include all rigid plastics and now, looking forward, to include food scraps is so exciting to me because it supports the people of NYC doing something good and right. Clear, simple, uncynical.

(Bonus: I bet Bill Nye approves)