Oh. My. Gosh.  I just stumbled across this Save The Words website and it is completely exciting to me: 1. It is adorably designed

2. It's all about adopting words.  When you adopt a word, it doesn't cost anything but you do have to promise to use that word more in your writing and conversations.

3. You can buy a T-Shirt with your word on it!  I declined to do this because it's a $25 T-Shirt, but I'm thinking this will be excellent for future gifting.

My word is "Cloakatively" which means "Superficially."  I figure it'll be an easy first word to work in.  The example sentence was something like "Barbara improved her appearance cloakatively with plastic surgery, but she still doesn't know how to dress."  Ouch.  I think Cloakatively and I are going ot get along.