Shine on

Last night I went to see Patrick Thomas sing and play at Rockwood Music Hall. It was a really great gig at a really cool venue and I had a great time.  I could say a lot of things about Rockwood and drinks and acquaintances and shared experience and the community of an audience, but neither of us has all day for this.  So I'm boiling it down:

1. I recommend Patrick Thomas to those of you with ears.  Those of you with eyes and brains and hearts and feet that can tap and knees that can jig will enjoy him even more.

2. I went to the gig because Patrick is a new friend of mine and I think it's important to go out and support your friends - they feel supported and, invariably, there's some kind of surprise pay off for me when I extend myself by leaving my house to take in some art.  I'd heard his music online but I'd never seen him perform live.  It was a revelation. He shone.  It was like watching an amazing athlete perform her sport at the top of her game.  Unselfconscious, frictionless, joyful.  The whole band had it going on - everyone was in his own groove, all of them seeming to be in their own synchronized yet individualized performance reverie.  It's not that I haven't witnessed this sort of thing before - it's what being a good performer is - but it's always extra fun to watch it happen to someone you know.

3. Watching Patrick and his band last night made me start to think about all of the other great artists I know (and don't know), all over this city, quietly doing their day-to-day things 'till it's time for them to shine.  It made me think about how some day jobs let you shine more than others.  It made me excited to live in a city with so many shiny people.  It made me proud to count myself as one of the shiny ones, lucky to be part of a community of other sparkly people.