Free Drawing Lessons

I very recently stumbled across drawing lessons on the New York Times' website.  They're in the blogs section. This seems to be the first, and this seems to be the second lesson in a series of . . . who knows how many.

During my senior year of college, I took a year-long "Basic Drawing" class which has, ever since, informed and enriched the way that I view fine art (going to museums and galleries being one of the things I most enjoy doing, by the way). More recently, I've been participating in a dance class that has opened up my ideas about and perceptions of movement more generally and which, I feel, much like my drawing class, simply helps my brain to be stronger (or maybe more flexible) by asking it to work in new and different ways.

So . . . I'm not saying that I'm going to draw along with the Times blog . . . but I'm thinking about it . . .