This week in (my) art . . .

Here is what's on the creative docket this week:

  • prepare a scene from the play "dead man's cell phone" for my acting class
  • create a syllabus for a year-long after school class called "from page to stage" (which I signed on to teach just last week) and then start teaching that class (!)
  • write two site-specific short audio-plays for a cool project the Neo-Futurists are doing with this app that uses geo location to connect you to content (more on that down the road)
  • go on some auditions (?)
  • take my second ever Pilates class (I liked the first one)
  • start thinking about going back into Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind next week (weekend of Oct 15/16)

Otherwise i get to:

  • buy baby gifts
  • go to the gym (X5)
  • deliver invites to the Neo-Futurists' benefit to the hands of our board, host committee and ensemble.
  • attend a benefit (not for a theater company)

Additionally I hope to:

  • cook some dinners
  • eat some pinkberry
  • watch something I like on TV
  • read my new book

I'm excited about this week!