Just about the last thing I need to be doing today is anything NOT on my long-and-behind-schedule To-Do list, but I've been missing the Blog and I've been wanting to work towards writing shorter-but-still-coherent posts (a look back reveals that blogging me is too much of the long-winded, overly earnest part of me and not enough of funny/sassy me . . . stay tuned . . .) so here's hoping that keeping it quick helps me with that goal. So.  I got back from Chicago just about two weeks ago.  (I was there doing THIS.)  Since I've been back I've:

Today I need to:

  • Finish reading The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin by Gordon S. Wood (I'm a little worried I might not get all the way there)
  • Get props for tomorrow's gig at Sarah Lawrence College (list includes: material to fabricate "crown of thorns" sans thorns; dried spaghetti; canned spaghetti; "crap robot costumes," and wind up bunny rabbit)
  • Write some hip-hop
  • Take my jeans to get fixed
  • Get whatever I don't have that I need to make these scones (which I saw Ina make when I was at the gym the other day - nothing like thinking about eating while you're working out . . . what?!?!)

Tonight I See:

Tomorrow I:

  • Make Scones (and the rest of brunch)
  • Go to Sarah Lawrence with all of my props to perform Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind

Sunday I see The Elixir of Love

And many many many times along the way, I take the dog outside where I stand on the sidewalk staring at her and forcefully, but quietly, say "potty. potty. potty. potty. potty. potty. potty . . ." over and over again.  House-training has made me into a crazy lady muttering on the street.