The Dog

If you saw Laika Dog In Space, you heard me sing in a Punk Rock fashion about wanting a dog.  If you didn't see that show, just trust me when I tell you that I have wanted a dog for a VERY long time.  And not quite two weeks go, I got one.  She's a pip.  


Name: Fanny Brice (because of the actual Fanny Brice who I know about from her work in radio, not from the movie Funny Girl . . . if you wondered)

Age: 4.5

Breed: Japanese Chin

Weight: 12 lbs

Occupation: Formerly a breeder in a puppy mill, Fanny Brice has now retired to a life of leisure as a kept puppy.

Hobbies: Sniffing things.  By "things" we mean EVERYthing.