I'm in my 23rd week of pregnancy which, for me, is meaning that only the lowest-rise of my pants fit, my formerly body-skimming t-shirts are now body-hugging.  It also means, with my baby at just over a pound or so, the last third of my pregnancy will involve significantly more growth of baby - and therefore belly - than the first two. In light of all of this, a list of recent parts that came up for me on Actors Access that certainly would not be appropriate for a pregnant lady:

  • "Exotic Dancer"
  • "Passengers" ... seeking AFTRA and NON-AFTRA economy flight passengers ... All must be ok with period 1960s haircut if needed. No men over 6'1 and 35 waist and no women over 29 waist.
  • "Suzanne" 30 to 35, the body of a triathlete . . . [no need to continue]
  • "J" Caucasian, Male or female, 18-30s, ANDROGYNOUS in physical appearance. On the outside: fabulously dark drag performer--thin, tall, bewitching; on the inside: cold, austere manipulator. She is the perfect woman when she's a woman and the perfect man when she's not. J is a huge player in the underground club scene. [NOTE: This part also falls into the category below although it would drastically change the genre of the project...]
  • "Claire" Fit, lean, a yoga instructor, she has an edgy look and is very liberal.

And here are some that I'd like to see a pregnant lady playing (although that is surely not how these parts were imagined):

  • "Annie" 30-50, a kidnapper, calm, cautious and manipulative.
  • "Women #1" Beautiful ingénue playing the Bald Soprano, a beauty queen, and others.
  • "Baton Twirlers and/or Flag Twirlers" Seeking female expert/parade level baton twirlers and/or flag twirlers.  20 to early 30's. cute, sexy, fun.
  • "Distinctive Face" person who might be interesting in playing the face that the lead character hallucinates through the darkness while delirious with cold [Although, here, I'd hope they'd include the full-body shot so that we could see that the lead character is hallucinating a pregnant lady.]
  • "Barbara" Looking for an actress to play late twenties/early thirties, but still dressing 'just a bit' younger! Best friend to Rachel. Takes any opportunity to better any cosmetic part of herself that she can change. New hair color. New nip and tuck. Adopts [lead character's] dating app . . . and looks for her match everywhere there's a smart-phone. Which is everywhere. [I want to play this character while I'm pregnant! Comedy gold, no?!]

The more I think about it, the more I think a baby bump might be the newest, best shortcut to giving any character depth and an intriguing back-story.  ;)