Fun News Round-up

Hey, The Internet!  Here are some fun things going on in my life:

  • I'll be performing in Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind's Best-Of shows this coming weekend (December 16 & 17).  All the info is here.  I'm excited to share a super-pumped version of my song about Warren Buffett!
  • I was just cast in Everywhere Theater Group's upcoming Flying Snakes in 3-D which will go up at the Brick Theater at the end of January.  I'm extra tickled because writer (and lovely lady) Leah Winkler is tweaking the script to feature my bump/unborn baby - our first official mother/son performance.
  • I'm on Doollee!  If you don't know, is a great website listing playwrights and their plays.  I use it all the time to find information about writers and their work and I'm ridiculously honored that I count enough as a writer to be on doollee too.  My listing is here and I'm extra-inspired to keep writing so that I can add to it!
  • The play I was in last Summer - Dia De Los Muertos - was listed as one of the five best plays of 2011 by Indie Theater Now.  Check it out.
  • I just completed Josh Pais's Committed Impulse class and that was super fun.

Hope you're having a fun December, too!