It has been quite a while since my last post owing to holidays, buying a home, prepping the new home (painting, carpet shopping, light fixtures, oh my!) moving into that home, and getting ready to have a baby.  In the new year I also rehearsed and performed in a two-week run of a new play called Flying Snakes in 3-D (by Leah Winkler; Everywhere Theater Group) as a psychic pregnant ninja (of course) not to mention presenting the first draft of the Hip-Hoperetta I've been working on to my fellow ensemble members at the NY Neo-Futurists.  It has been a genuinely busy time, personally and professionally. Today is my due date.  For giving birth.  It's true that only 10% of babies come on their due dates but still, it's a reasonable guess and as today has approached there has been some concerted winding down.  Some of it has been intentional - like stepping back from my role in the Hip-Hoperetta so as not to slow down the rest of the team - and some has been unintentional - like the social calls we seem not to be getting, the e-mails that aren't rolling in, the Oscar and super-bowl parties we weren't invited to.  In fact, this morning is the quietest I can remember.  The to-do list is laughably non-urgent, there are no deadlines for me to meet, not a whole lot of the usual for me to do.  It's kind of eerie.

I realize that all of this quiet is about to change drastically and in entirely new and as-yet experienced new ways.  For the moment I'm trying not to chafe against the stillness and to look optimistically forward to the ways in which parenthood will enrich the art I will create in the future.