Retail Request: Ikea Marketplace Shops

Yesterday we went to Ikea. It was, if you'd like to know, a very successful visit. In addition to getting the two very specific things we went to buy, on our way out we also picked up a bunch of fun paper napkins to use instead of boring white ones.


See? Fun, right?!

The napkins live in a part of the store called the "marketplace" along with drinking glasses, step stools, a bunch of great storage options, plants, vases, and on and on. Basically, it seems like "marketplace" is stuff you can just pick up off the shelf and take home - no visit to the warehouse or assembly required.

So I was thinking: would 't it it be great if Ikea opened little shops that are just Ikea Marketplace shops? They wouldn't have to be huge buildings so they could be right IN cities and towns (instead of on the outskirts) and people could just drop in (instead of planning a big trip). Ikea meets Muji.

Yes? Yes. Ikea, lets do this!