Blogger Appreciation Month Week 2 - Maggie Mason: An Introduction

This month I’m appreciating a handful of bloggers I love and admire. This week, I'm looking at Maggie Mason who writes MightyGirl. I wanted to link to the first post on MightyGirl that I ever read, but I can't find it. This was years ago - before gmail and so certainly before google reader (and its subsequent and tragic demise). It's too bad you can't read it in its original form but here's how I remember it: Ms. Mason was in the park and she saw a little girl playing with a plastic bag (that used to hold some sort of bread, I seem to remember) and the little girl is overheard saying "Bag, I love you." BAM! I was hooked and I've been reading her - and randomly saying "Bag, I love you" as my own personal inside joke - ever since.

As I've thought about how I would introduce and appreciate Ms. Mason (who would probably appreciate many things more than these blog posts) I've begun to wonder if choosing her to point out isn't a bit like saying "Have you heard of this guy VanGough? He's quite a good painter" or "Allow me to bring the cuteness of puppies to your attention."

Blogger neophyte that I am, I charge ahead nonetheless. By contrast, Ms. Mason has literally written a (if not THE) book on blogging (which I own). She also created (and later sold) a suite of other Mighty-branded sites: MightyGoods, MightyHaus, and MightyJunior. I've read along as she created her own life list (more on this later) and then her own camp, conference and company centered on the life list idea. I can't even . . . there's so much more. Please just read her very impressive bio here.

The bottom line is, I've been reading Ms. Mason longer than I've been reading any other blogger and it has been exciting and impressive to watch as her accomplishments have racked up over the years. Her content is great, her writing is really fun and she sets the bar really high for what it is to be good at this blogging thing.