Who will have the Last Laugh?!? (I'm not telling)

So, here's a cool thing: Two weeks ago (5/31) I spent a loooong day shooting a short film as part of the 48 hour film project.  My friend Matt Scott directed and it was absolutely the most fun I've had all year.  (Here's his winning entry from last year which also took him to Cannes this year!)

Less than a week later (6/6) the film screened in NYC. It was one of about a dozen short films in its screening package which was one of four packages - so roughly one in fifty.

Now the film has made it to the BEST OF screening this coming Thursday (6/19).  I had to miss the screening on the 6th, so I'm excited to go see the other "best of" shorts and celebrate with other members of the cast and crew.  Here's the cool movie poster they made:

Last Laugh Poster

Making stuff with great people is awesome.