Beautiful Summer Snow Storm

Today is a Snow Day.

The meeting I had - and was dreading - was cancelled this morning due to illness.  It's tantamount to an extension on a big paper - gorgeous relief.  It also meant I got to spend the morning with my husband and boy, going to the park and soccer and the cute new bakery we discovered and back to the park.  We wore ourselves out with sunshine and walking around.

After the boy went down for his nap, eyes rolling back in my head, I took a nap too.  I never do this; there is no time to nap.  There is no time to stop working for a second because there is too much to care about getting done.  But today is a Snow Day, as it turns out, so I napped and I read, did some teeny-tiny chores that hardly took a second.

Then, just a minute ago - in the middle of all of that - the doorbell rang and it was our neighbor.  Last weekend, he and his college-age girls had been looking for their favorite childhood book.  They couldn't find it so he'd gone to the store to buy a new copy - they love this book that much - and he got one for us, too.  (I read it right away and it's pretty great.)

Soon I will go to a meeting that I have been looking forward to for weeks and for which I am fully prepared.  It hasn't happened yet, but I know it's going to be great.

When I come home there will be take-out sushi.  We will read the new book all together and put the boy to bed.  Then there will be more resting and relaxing ' till bedtime.

Snow Day.  On the first day of summer.

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