“This Is Everything” (in just under seven minutes)

That's what I said - "This is everything!" - about two-thirds of the way through watching this Daily Show segment the other night.  I don't usually post things like this because I see them flying all around the various social media platforms, so I figure, you've seen 'em.  But I haven't seen this posted anywhere and I really do think it's exceptional.  Segments like this are why The Daily Show keeps winning awards.  This is award-winning work, in my opinion.  Here's a link to the segment on The Daily Show's website (I've been trying to embed it for you so that you can just watch it here, but no dice).

Now, here's the thing: The Daily Show isn't in the business of Calls To Action and I think that makes sense.  At the same time, this segment is kind of begging for one: we can clearly see how messed up the situation is, but it's so messed up and across so many issues that it threatens to overwhelm.  So I'm trying to think of the actions I can take - small, manageable actions - to address what The Daily Show is bringing to light here.  What would you do?  What's your Call To Action after watching this video?