Writing is Magic!



Recently, I've had some difficult writing to do.  It's stuff that's hard to say because a) some things are just harder to say than others; b) some communications require more precision and/or nuance.  The recent assignments have been all of the above and I've been trudging ahead but I've also been moving slowly and feeling really blocked.

Then, I stumbled onto the secret.  Turns out I had the answer all along.  It had been given to me by an English teacher in High School.  It is the humble free-write.  Seriously! Who knew!?  Okay.  I'm sure plenty of people but, now me too!  And YOU!  If you want to write something you have to write SOMEthing and if that won't come, a free-write is a great way to get your something written. Dorky but true.

I remembered a cool website I stumbled across years ago and wanted to share it with you.  It's called oneword.com and it's a one-minute online free-write on a random prompt.  Cool, right?  This isn't the kind of free writing I did - that was specific to my subject and longer than a minute - but why not try this kind too?  It's a minute. 

Let me know in the comments if you like the website.  And tell us all what YOUR secrets for cracking a tough nut are when it comes to creative projects!